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Tommy Chong, 81, says “CBD is my Fountain of Youth”

Actor, Comedian, LEGEND Tommy Chong is tired of the lies about him and #CBD in the media, and he's here to set the record straight.

Tommy Chong shares details about his battles with cancer and his belief in the power of CBD during a recent interview with HLN.

Tommy Chong does not mince words…

For more than 40 years, his name has been synonymous with marijuana. But now, when people hear the name Tommy Chong, he wants them to think of another word: health.

"Look. CBD saved my life. It's that simple. Without CBD I don't think I'd be here today, and I know I wouldn't be nearly as healthy as I am"

Now, the actor and activist is focusing that passion on starting his own CBD brand.

"After seeing what CBD did for me when I got sick, people started asking me about it. I'm no doctor but I encourage people who are suffering to try it and see if it helps."

"I've heard from literally hundreds of people about how this amazing molecule has helped them. This stuff is helping people all over America."

"But it only works if you're getting real CBD from a solid company that tests their products. I found out a lot of these companies are just in it for the money. They don't really care about people."

The actor said that's why he's started his own.

"If people want REAL CBD that really helps, then that's what they should get. This is too important and too powerful for people to risk being taken advantage of with scams and crappy products."

"So I found the best hemp-derived CBD in the world and put my name on it so people would know it's the real deal."

"My brand, Chong's Choice by Cannabliss Labs is made from the highest quality hemp plants in a GMP certified facility, which is important." he told me. "It's what I use myself."

GMP certification is the highest level of compliance in America for companies making health products.

We've heard from hundreds of users of Chong's Choice By Cannabliss Labs and are sharing a few of their stories:

Greg S.

I have several injuries that limit my ability to work out as well as complete my daily routine without pain. I started taking CBD about a year ago and the relief I have experienced is amazing. I now take CBD every morning and night because of the relief I get. I found Chong's Choice CBD by Cannabliss Labs recently and switched to their brand exclusively, because I find it to be more effective than others. Chong's Choice has higher standards for both product quality and customer service compared to other brands I've tried.

The product is then randomly sampled and sent to a third party lab for testing. Each batch is tested for purity and potency to ensure consumers are getting the highest grade CBD available anywhere.

"Chong's Choice CBD By Cannabliss Labs is the best CBD available anywhere. Trust me, I would know."

Chong says he's trying to get it into as many hands as possible.

"We've sold out more than once already. It's crazy."

The demand for Chong's Choice CBD by Cannabliss Labs has been strong since the company started.

"Every time we release this product to the public, we sell out pretty quickly. There's a real need for this stuff out there, and our people are working hard to keep up with the demand."

"So we keep making more, because I want everyone who needs this stuff to have access to it. That's why I won't let them raise the price, even though the demand is crazy."

In fact, Chong's Choice is offering their lowest price ever right now in order to keep Real CBD affordable for people who need it.

"This isn't a money thing for me. I've got plenty of money. I don't really make much of anything from this company. I'm just passionate about seeing real CBD getting to the people who really need it."

"What we're doing right now is actually giving each customer up to two free bottles with every order to help people save money and stock up. Or you can try just one bottle. It's up to you."

While Chong's Choice CBD is extracted from American-Grown Non-psychoactive Hemp, Chong's history with hemp's cousin marijuana is legendary...

"Obviously, I'm no stranger to using marijuana recreationally. For years, that's all I did."

Chong says this all changed when he was first diagnosed with cancer more than 10 years ago.

After his Cancer Diagnosis, the actor turned to Cannabis to help treat his symptoms in conjunction with traditional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy.

"When I got sick, that was the first time I really started listening to what all these people were saying about marijuana being a medicine."

"I had been using it for years, but mostly to have a good time. But when I got this cancer, people around me showed how it could be used to help me manage my pain and deal with the side effects of my treatments."

"It became clear to me just how much I underestimated this amazing little plant. I've come to believe that it can be a miracle in the right hands."

"I call it the Fountain of Youth. Look what it's done for me."

At 81 years old, the 2-time cancer survivor is still incredibly strong and healthy. Tommy still tours the country with his longtime partner Cheech Marin.

"I don't know anyone else my age that still plays the guitar every day. Most people my age have terrible pain in their joints. I just never get that."

Still playing the guitar daily, both at home and in a recent concert.

The crazy thing, Tommy says is that he hadn't realized he was doing something that was so good for him for so many years.

"Look, I'm 81 years old. People have been telling me marijuana was going to kill me and rot my brain for the last 50 years... A lot of those people are dead now, and I'm still here doing 100 shows a year and touring all around the world."

CBD, along with a host of other non-psychoactive compounds found in marijuana and hemp have been studied for decades by researchers for its effects on mood, and joint health, even maintaining healthy muscle mass and memory.

"People kept telling me for years that pot would kill me. But the truth is, I think it saved my life."

Chong Famously appeared on Dancing with the Stars, competing with trained dancers less than half his age after recovering from cancer. Not something you expect to see from an octegenarian. He claims marijuana and CBD have been the key to his health "comeback".

Study after study has confirmed CBD's effectiveness at boosting a system in your body called the EndoCannabinoid System. (ECS for short).

"I've never been much into school, but I've been a reader my whole life. When I got really into this CBD stuff, I read study after study that confirmed the benefits and effects of CBD and hemp on your Endo [Cannabinoid] system."

Your ECS has special receptors all over your body, from your brain to your bones and muscles, to your stomach and small intestine.

Image Courtesy of mcanz.org.nz

What scientists now know is that your ECS is responsible for helping your body manage and regulate almost EVERYTHING:

  • Mood and Focus
  • Muscle Growth
  • Memory
  • Sleep Quality
  • Bone Density
  • Inflammation

"The first time I saw Dr. [Sanjay] Gupta on CNN talking about Marijuana and CBD, I knew we were turning the corner"

Suddenly people on the street weren't just stopping me to ask for pictures or autographs, they wanted my opinion on real heavy topics like Marijuana Legalization and how THC and CBD can be used as medicines.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta's interview on CNN where he stated "I was wrong about medical marijuana" opened the floodgates for maintstream attention on marijuana and CBD. For better or worse.

"Look, I'm not a doctor so I can't give medical advice, but the good thing is CBD isn't a drug. People are free to try it for themselves.

"You don't need a prescription to try it, and the 2018 Law [2018 Farm Bill] made it totally legal in America, no matter what state you live in."

"Of course, the bad thing is, CBD isn't a drug... So it isn't regulated and lots of people take advantage of that"

The Dark Side of CBD

Darlene Anderson

If your looking for a product that really works then you have found the right product, I have been suffering for years, and then I found the CBD, and it was working and then I move to Las Vegas and could not find a product that worked and I came across this web site and decided to take a chance! Great news I am able to make the day with out feeling hopeless!

Look, I honestly feel that Marijuana and CBD helped me survive two bouts of Cancer. But there are people out here really taking advantage of people and it's got to stop.

"I see ads and websites every day saying "CBD Cures Arthritis, or Cures Cancer or reverses alzheimer's. It's f***ing disgusting man."

Overnight, unscrupulous marketers descended on the 'web' with fake claims, taking advantage of CBD's newfound popularity to scam consumers into shady "free trials"

"I can't believe people have taken something so pure and turned it into lies and scams... They're using my name, they're using my friend Montel Williams' name, they're using Morgan Freeman and Whoopi Goldberg man... They're even using Michael J. Fox! That's low!"

Sites all over the internet are selling questionable CBD products using fake celebrity endorsements to lure unsuspecting consumers into fraudulent free trials.

"I've spent my entire life putting my name and reputation on the line to do things I believe in man. I went to jail over selling water pipes because I wouldn't take a deal and sell out my friends and family. My word is everything to me."

So when I see people using my name to push garbage, I get mad. So I've decided to use my name to find and promote real products that help people.

Tommy Chong has spent over a year meeting with farmers, growers and producers to find the very best CBD Products available, and he has "put his money where his mouth is" by partnering with CannaBliss Labs.


CannaBliss Labs by Chong's Choice is a premier CBD Product made from the BEST Raw organic Hemp available anywhere.


Mandy Garza

I love this Hemp oil it helps with my diabetes and the arthritis in my body it helps with so much stuff I recommend this to those who are going through any type of pain or who’s diabetic it helps with everything it’s god’s gift of medicine for those who need this.

"Listen, I'm no stranger to THC, and it's fine when that's what you're looking for, but people taking CBD are looking for relief, not a party, so Cannabliss Labs by Chong's Choice is under 0.3% THC. This product will not get you high, no matter how much you take"*

What it does have is 300MG of CBD in each bottle, and that's verified by a 3rd party lab. Plus it has all the other super great compounds found in Hemp that help the CBD do its job. Things like CBN, CBV, CBG and dozens of others. Doctors call it the "Entourage Effect".

It's obvious that the 81 year old entertainer is passionate about this project.

"Look, I'm not getting any younger, even though I still feel as healthy as ever. I only have a limited amount of time to try to get this stuff to as many people as possible...

I want MILLIONS of people to be able to feel how good CBD can make you feel inside and out.

"I get letters every day from people telling me how CBD has changed their lives. It's inspiring man, but I also hear from people who've tried terrible, knockoff garbage CBD brands that don't have any CBD in them and feel like they got ripped off."

It just isn't right what some of these people are doing!

I'll go door to door if I have to to make sure people are trying real CBD that works.

So CannaBliss Labs and I have put together an amazing deal for me to share with as many people as possible."

You can try it for yourself right now totally risk-free to see how it makes you feel.

"Now, I'm not a doctor. But I think personally if you want help managing pain, you want to help manage inflammation if you want help your joints I think you owe it to yourself to give CBD try.

And I think Chong's Choice by CannaBliss Labs is the absolute best one to try.

To make it as easy for you as possible, the good folks over CannaBliss Labs back every single order with a 100% Money Back Guarantee no questions asked.

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